“I enjoy working on aircraft as an Avionics Technician and take a lot of pride in having a unique, specialized skill set.”

Kathiria C.

“Working at LAUNCH has allowed me to create opportunities for others, while forming a foundation for strong work relationships. Recruiting has helped me build something bigger than myself.”

Perla Trujillo, Senior Aviation Recruiter

“LAUNCH has treated me well throughout the years by always making sure to check in with me and answer all my questions.”

Victor G.

“Thank you to my recruiter, Mike Ton, for placing me with such a great company. I feel so lucky and blessed to be an employee.”

Michelle M.

“Everyone has been incredibly welcoming. The people I have worked with have also shown an excellent work ethic, making those around them feel valued and appreciated.”

Keith W.

“Working with LAUNCH has allowed me the opportunity to connect, develop relationships and grow careers. I take pride in seeing an individual’s growth while helping them find new opportunities.”

Ryan Hair, Recruiting Operations Manager

“I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and finding the best opportunities for them to further their careers. I take pride in what I do, while retaining a sense of passion to make a difference within LAUNCH and the aviation community.”

Matt Gannon Recruiting Manager
Matt Gannon, Recruiting Manager – Aviation

“Since I began working with LAUNCH, I have developed a passion for helping people find jobs, developing relationships and following through on my commitments.”

Mike Ton, Recruiter

“I enjoy connecting with people all over the country and getting to know candidates on a personal level. Every day is a new challenge, and I look forward to helping LAUNCH continue to grow.”

Bryan Zavala, Recruiting Manager – Aviation

“LAUNCH has proven to be the most competitive employer by providing me with a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment.”

Jose D.