LAUNCH Pickle Fork Project Teams

If your company is planning for pickle fork repairs on your Boeing 737 aircraft, LAUNCH is your premier source for aviation workforce solutions. We provide fully staffed teams, ready to deploy to a client’s facility or other locations to deliver maximum operational efficiency. LAUNCH is experienced in handling urgent repairs and modifications for AOG situations, exactly like those related to pickle fork repairs.

  • 14 day turn time
  • Experienced industry workforce
  • Worldwide capabilities


Fixed-rate pricing
Our unique service model allows us to provide fixed-rate pricing for pickle fork repair teams to help you with planning and budgeting.

Industry-leading Turnaround Time
We are committed to consistently achieving the highest quality results possible and setting new industry standards for efficiency and process innovation—such as our record-breaking 48-hour Wi-Fi installation teams.

We provide fully-staffed teams—embedding leadership and supervision—ready to deploy to a client’s facility or other locations to provide nimble, seamless staffing service.

Contact LAUNCH today to learn more about how we can partner to get your aircraft repaired, inspected and back in the air. Call 888.888.7195 (select option 2) or email us.