LAUNCH Focus on Safety & Compliance

In order to safeguard our clients and provide candidates who are fully qualified and prepared to succeed, the LAUNCH operations team maintains our unsurpassed compliance and safety programs.

LAUNCH Safety Program

The safety of our employees is always of the utmost importance to everyone at LAUNCH. We take safety seriously and have a stringent safety program, along with a strict process for handling any injury and each subsequent investigation.

  • Knowledgeable OSHA-10 Certified Safety Team
  • Low Experience Modification Rate (EMR/Mod Rate)
  • On-site safety walk through spot audits conducted by LAUNCH
  • Risk analysis conducted for new customers and new programs
  • New Customer and program project performance planning with quarterly period reviews available
  • Safety wallet card provided to all employees along with 24/7 safety phone line
  • Monthly Safety Alert newsletter sent to all contractors to educate on safety and injury prevention measures
  • Safety program can be customized for additional measures per client/site
  • LAUNCH investigates ALL injuries and shares/coordinates all data with the client

LAUNCH Compliance Process

Our selection process is thorough, yet highly efficient. After a candidate is approved by a client, our compliance department initiates an extensive compliance process. In addition to standard pre-employment activities, LAUNCH verifies licensing and certification, conducts exhaustive background checks and administers toxicology screenings in accordance with DOT requirements, among others.

  • Automated electronic paperwork whenever possible to improve process speed
  • Extensive background checks with electronic consent forms to expedite turnaround time
  • Customizable according to client program requirements
  • Approved DOT FAA and FMCSA Drug & Alcohol plans
  • Applicants register for drug test immediately after submitting a background check
  • Electronic chain of custody forms
  • Lab tested and approved by our Medical Review Officer
  • Attestation letters available
  • Reasonable suspicion policy in place